Genuine Identity Theft Stories | Case #14: Romancing the Stones: Fraudster Woos on line Lover with Phony Diamonds

This website series is aimed at real-world that is sharing of identification fraudulence and theft — and just exactly how damaging these crimes is on companies, people, and families. Simply with time for Valentine’s Day, our latest post reveals the perils of succumbing to online romance frauds, and just just what the lovelorn may do to safeguard against them.

Victim Wired Crime Ring Hundreds of Thousands

The connection from a woman that is japanese identified in reports just as F.K., and a U.S. Army captain stationed in Syria started innocently sufficient: they came across on the web, through a global social network that connected pen pals online. Over 10 months of day-to-day emails, the partnership expanded into an internet love, based on the Los Angeles Occasions, which first reported the actual situation. But it ended using the woman $200,000 in debt as well as on the verge of bankruptcy, after she borrowed funds from relatives and buddies to aid her beau, Capt. Terry Garcia, along with his intends to smuggle a case of diamonds he stated he present in Syria with assistance from a few associates, including somebody claiming to be a Red Cross diplomat.

As it happens that there have been no diamonds, with no Captain Garcia. Alternatively, F.K. dropped target to a far-flung scam prepared up by a ring of cyber thieves operating in Los Angeles and Nigeria. U.S. police force officials apprehended a number of the causes, calling it “one of this largest instances of its sort in U.S. history.” Plus the fallout is heartbreaking: as noted within the complaint that is federal “F.K. ended up being and it is exceedingly depressed and furious about these losses. She started crying whenever talking about the real means that these losings impacted her.”

Physiology of a Romance Scam

The increase of internet dating apps or networking that is social are becoming a favored means for many people above to satisfy some body. 继续阅读Genuine Identity Theft Stories | Case #14: Romancing the Stones: Fraudster Woos on line Lover with Phony Diamonds