Problem Gambling Awareness Highlights Plainridge Park Casino’s Safeguard Failures month

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and also the marketing drive has delivered to light Plainridge Casino’s failure to protect those susceptible to gaming addiction in Massachusetts.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month urges concerned families to ‘have the conversation’ with those who might be at risk of becoming hooked on gambling.

‘Many grownups gamble or know some one whom gambles, and, therefore, could take advantage of programs to avoid gambling addiction,’ the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) website states. ‘We believe many whom suffer in silence do this they developed an issue, what gambling addiction is or where to get help. simply because they don’t know why’

The nationwide conversation held each March has made its solution to Massachusetts where one regarding the country’s gambling venues that are newest has failed in instituting an appropriate firewall to problem gamblers.

The Plainridge Park Casino, the first gambling that is commercial in the state following the passage through of the Expanded Gaming Act, opened in June of 2015. However, the slot parlor still hasn’t adopted a method to curb dependent gamblers.

‘ What’s the job of a casino? To make as money that is much possible. Establishing limits on gambling isn’t necessarily the highest priority,’ Lasell College Professor Paul DeBole told the Boston world this week.

The Law Could Be the Legislation

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