Purchase and Financing of Newly Acquired Vehicles

Twenty-four per cent of grownups report that either they or their spouse or partner obtained (bought or leased) a fresh or car or vehicle or truck when you look at the year that is prior. Of these whom purchased or leased a car, 38 per cent bought a brand new car, 35 per cent bought a utilized vehicle from a dealership or automobile salesman, 17 % bought an utilized vehicle from an exclusive vendor, and 9 per cent leased a car. 31

The foundation from where people get automobiles differs significantly by earnings degree. Among lower-income participants whom purchased or leased a car into the previous 12 months, two-thirds acquired it utilized, and 31 % purchased that car from a seller that is private. Over 50 % of higher-income participants who acquired an automobile, having said that, either leased the vehicle or bought it brand brand brand brand new (figure 24).

Figure 24. Supply of newly obtained cars (by family members earnings)

Note: Among participants who bought or leased an automobile in past times year.

Among all participants whom acquired trucks and cars when you look at the previous 12 months, the median period over that they expect you’ll keep that automobile is six years. 继续阅读Purchase and Financing of Newly Acquired Vehicles