Julianna, ID 173078: A Woman That Can Tame a Bear!

Julianna, ID 173078: A Woman That Can Tame a Bear!

Julianna’s profile has drawn our attention simultaneously: mysterious appearance, sensual look, reflected within the uncommon pictures of her pictures, and a giant quantity of amazing, even extreme images with different pets, that felt to be noticed just on film displays. It’s hard to genuinely believe that this tender woman can overcome such wildlife. We’ve instantly decided to make contact withthis lady and ask her to tell us about herself, her hobby and profession and exactly how really the concept of such extraordinary images has started up.

Julianna really was excited to inform us her tale, that individuals want to share with your clients:

“I’ve been doing photography for quite some time, myself a so I can call expert in this industry. Certainly one of my directions that are basic photography is photoshoots with wildlife, such as bears, tigers, leopards, crocodiles, lynxes, etc. Such jobs, needless to say, can be dangerous and challenging, as pets can be found in front side of digital cameras I mean as they are in the real world they’re not offered any pills, tablets or injections that are sedative if you find a break, we just feed all of them with meat, and that is all.

Just how are these extreme shootings organized? To start with, we have to Explain to our models, i.e. the social people we take pictures of, just how to act through the photoshoots with wildlife, what they can and cannot do. We opt for an image that is unique every model, a photograph studio with a corresponding interior and consent on a period. We aim at specific photo session for virtually any model, but during the time that is same shouldn’t be any danger for our models, as well while the vexation when it comes to pets.

We never torture the pets, as some may think. On the contrary, during the picture session we feed and caress them, play using them, these are generally provided As much time and attention for remainder as individual models, e.g. our bear “works” only couple of hours a time, the remainder time is directed at walking, consuming, sleeping and playing along with its owners that are loving.

Myself, I Enjoy pets! a variety that is great of feelings can be found in the mind and heart during those moments whenever a sizable crazy animal begins to trust you… It’s absolutely https://brightbrides.net inexplicable! I’m excited about my task. In my situation, It’s not just a profession or a hobby, but my life mode, the real way i see and feel this globe!”