Saturday Spacewalk to perform Harmony Hookup to Station

A 6-hour, 30-minute spacewalk by Global area Station Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Dan Tani will stay the outside outfitting for the Harmony node in its brand brand new place while watching U.S laboratory Destiny.

The spacewalk is scheduled to start at 6 a.m. EST Saturday through the U.S. airlock Quest. As ended up being the actual situation within the Nov. 20 spacewalk, Whitson, the lead spacewalker, will wear the suit utilizing the red stripes while Tani are going to be when you look at the suit because of the barber-pole stripes.

After leaving the airlock and starting equipment and tools, Whitson will remove, vent and stow an ammonia jumper, element of a cooling loop that is temporary. Eliminating it permits connection associated with hookup of this permanent Loop B ammonia loop that is cooling a second fluid tray from the section’s outside.

Tani meanwhile will configure tools, then eliminate two fluid caps to get ready for connection of this permanent cooling Loop B. Then he will relocate an articulated portable base discipline, that provides spacewalkers a spot to secure their foot, through the U.S. laboratory Destiny’s port side into the reduced face associated with the lab’s forward endcone. 继续阅读Saturday Spacewalk to perform Harmony Hookup to Station