A brief reputation for the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass

This will be a brief history of the famous bass therefore we can’t describe every modification and modification that has been built to it on the several years it was in manufacturing. Neither is it feasible to go over most of the people that are many organizations that have added to its passage through history.

The bass had been created by Walter HГ¶fner in 1955 and first demonstrated to the general public during the Frankfurt Musikmesse into the springtime of 1956. It appears that Walter’s intention would be to make a bass electric electric guitar that might be attractive to players regarding the upright bass (double bass) who no more desired to carry such a huge heavy tool around to relax and play in beat and jazz teams. He additionally designed the bass so your construction technique could be familiar to your employees at HГ¶fner who was simply violins that are making years. Therefore we got a bass with the design and form maybe not unlike a classical stringed tool and built in very similar way, hollow bodied, arched topped and a collection in throat. Walter utilized elements from the HГ¶fner guitar that is electric and adpated these when it comes to bass, therefore it got the familiar ebony connection, the cable tailpiece, the oval control interface, the black colored club pickups. 继续阅读A brief reputation for the HГ¶fner 500/1 Violin Bass