100 Times Of Blogging. Love Relationships in Korea: 100 Days Celebration

today July 25th it is been exactly 100 days since we began my first post here on WordPress! We noticed this yesterday once I ended up being speaking with Victor about this, and a brief conversation result in me personally posting a particular article with this time:

Mimi: waa i recently additionally understood my web log is quickly gonna be three months old! Victor: Yay very nearly 100 times! xD 백일축하 ‎Mimi: lol can I commemorate its 3months or its 100 times? ‎‎Victor: it’ll become more korean if 100 times lol. 100 blog post about… romance in korea day! ‎Mimi: I favor the real method you believe! ❤

I liked exactly exactly what he stated a whole lot, and now we made a decision to compose a post together, celebrating the 100 days of my weblog speaing frankly about the significance of “100 times” in Korea.

Love Relationships in Korea: 100 Days Celebration

Mimi: Korean love-relationships are somehow distinct from exactly what we’re used to in Spain or perhaps in the united states. Among the differences that are main the way the guy will pay for anything else (dinners, presents, etc.). Businesses and merchants realize that guys are under some pressure to have good presents for his or her girlfriends to make an impression that is good so that they just just take any chance to offer more overpriced little gift ideas.

Victor: Yeah, you could understand this as “going Dutch,” or going on a date that is“dutch” for going out to restaurants or cafes. It is a pretty old tradition that’s pertaining to the seonbae-hubae relationship you notice frequently in sex match online the office, where during hwesik the senior can pay for the juniors (it has occurred practically each and every time I’ve gone out for lunch during work). Once I blind-dated a Korean woman quite over the age of me personally (before dropping deeply in love with Mimi), it had been quite embarrassing between us whenever I attempted to foot the bill in the places we ate. 继续阅读100 Times Of Blogging. Love Relationships in Korea: 100 Days Celebration