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I wish theyd stop telling us theyre evolving Firefox because it’s what their users want. It isnt. Theyre software downloads following their own agenda of Chromifying the browser. Many of us have previously reverted to Waterfox. Fire all your management and hire those who genuinely pay attention to what your users want. WE DONT WANT CHROME.

Learn more. You need to have a version of Winzip installed on your system

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A Note is one kind of those alternative. The freeware lets you add post-it like notes right to your desktop, a virtual replacing the post it notes that I have pinned on the monitor software website in every those years, as they say. You are liberated to decided on a color to the note, setup a burglar with sound or customize the font with the note.

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Each content process is listed featuring its process ID that makes identification download software easier. While there is no replacement for cope with a procedure from the comfort of the about:performance page, you might open the Task Manager to get and kill a misbehaving process which consists of ID; this should n’t have any effect on the parent process or another processes utilised by Firefox.

I guess picking a drive encryption software would mostly depend out of your own situation and needs (like, would you like to encrypt system drives, data drives or both). For example I myself have never even tried Microsofts Bitlocker because as a way to read Bitlocker-encrypted USB data drives from within Linux, youd have to install download programs for free a somewhat harder FUSE driver.