History and Cultural Studies: Primary vs sources that are secondary

Main sources

A main supply is a document or record containing first-hand information or initial information on an interest. Main sources in many cases are developed during the time of a meeting, but could additionally be recorded at a subsequent time (e.g. memoirs or interviews). Main sources offer insights into exactly just how individuals see their globe at a specific time.

It’s important to assess sources that are primary precision, authenticity, bias and effectiveness.


  • Audio tracks
  • Artworks
  • Court public records
  • Diaries
  • Drawings
  • Movie footage
  • federal Government papers
  • Interviews
  • Paper clippings
  • Original manuscripts
  • Photographs
  • Poetry
  • Posters
  • Songs and sheet music
  • Speeches

Understand that primary sources tend to be reproduced in guide format – but they are nevertheless regarded as a main supply.

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They are a few samples of primary sources through the colletion. There are lots of more!

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Can a source be both main and additional?

The application of a supply with its proper context is really what determines its designation as a main or source that is secondary.

Sporadically a supply or document may act as a second supply for one topic and also as a main supply for the next entirely different topic.

For instance: Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, posted in 1513, is a vital additional supply for just about any research associated with different Renaissance princes into the Medici household; nevertheless the same guide normally a primary supply for the governmental idea that had been characteristic of this sixteenth century given that it reflects the attitudes of the person residing in the 1500s. 继续阅读History and Cultural Studies: Primary vs sources that are secondary