Electoral University

Democracy implies that absolutely nothing should really be permitted to overrule the vote associated with the people that are american it comes down to selecting our nation’s frontrunner.

Key Policy

A National Popular Vote to restore the Electoral university.

It’s simple: the prospect who receives the many votes should win. States don’t vote, people vote, and everyone’s vote should count a similar. The Electoral College has got to go.

The Electoral College artificially dilutes the effectiveness of minority communities and as a result of projected demographic trends, this issue is prone to worsen in the long run. We have to abolish the Electoral university and change it with a National Popular Vote in order for every resident has an express in electing our president. The route that is best to getting rid of the Electoral College will be a constitutional amendment. Recognizing that this can not be done instantly, Pete supports the nationwide Popular Vote Interstate Compact to guarantee the president is plumped for because of the US individuals while we look for constitutional reform.


Safety means communities that are keeping from all types of violent extremism.

Key Policy

ISIS isn’t the only team that advances governmental stances through mass physical physical violence: therefore do white supremacist terrorists, anti-government militias, as well as other teams that utilize types of domestic extremism. 继续阅读Electoral University