No classes as cleaners strike as students protest in front of the UCL School of Medicine

No classes as cleaners strike as students protest in front of the UCL School of Medicine

An international coalition calling on universities to pay their cleaners has hit out at students’ protests outside the UCL School of Medicine as a “dreadful spectacle.”

The student strike took place on September 24 and it saw hundreds of protesters blocked from accessing a number of buildings – including a theatre that had been reserved by the UCL Society of Actuaries as a venue for their own lecture.

And student protests were also held outside the UCL Medical Centre yesterday afternoon, where they demanded the administration pay for medical staff’s expenses to attend UCL doctors’ surgeries.

The strikes come just days after more than 12,000 protesters across the country took to the streets of more than 2,000 buildings across England and Wales to demand바카라사이트 universities do more to pay their cleaners.

Students at UCL claimed that they could not pay their costs for their surgeries at the moment due to the lack of funding from the state and there are fears that the university’s closure in December could spell the end of their professional development and work opportunities.

UCL has said that they are in바카라사이트vestigating why the strike broke out at the university and whether there is any way to address the problems.

A spokesperson explained that although there is a lack of funding for a number of reasons the majority of medical staff at UCL – around 150 – have had to make a profit and some of the university’s more popular campuses also have medical training centres.

But student union boss James Taylor, who has been campaigning for months on the issue and has received a letter from one of the campus’s doctors in support of the strike – said that it’s an issue that doesn’t go away until UCL finally works to pay its cleaning staff.

“This is a really terrible thing and it is not a good thing. It is just a sad spectacle, it is not a professional tragedy,” he told the Mirror.

He added that if this isn’t recognised it will mean a situation where doctors could walk out of teaching and medical roles altogether.

“All of these are professional jobs so the majority of th우리카지노em should be paid so what’s the point of going on like this?” he said.

“For what purpose are people being paid this much for just cleaning?”

He added: “I think these issues should be dealt with and they should be dealt with immediately. We have medical training and if these were just cleaners there would be nobody doing these jobs