Vic govt says tourism campaigns successful, but tourism minister says the situation is not stable at all

Vic govt says tourism campaigns successful, but tourism minister says the situation is not stable at all


Victoria’s tourism minister is under fire after describing government-sponsored tours as “the worst in Australia” while other regional tourism boards have launched similar initiatives.

At a public meeting in Darwin on Thursday, tourism minister Zac Seselja said the tourist industry was badly disrupted by the federal government’s decision to impose a “permanent ban on private sponsorship for international tour operators”.

Treasurer Scott Mo진주출장샵rrison, speaking to business leaders and visitors to Darwin, said the decision had “very unfortunate consequences for both Victoria and overseas visitors” but was not affecting the economy.

“We’ve been very fortunate so far for the fact we’ve kept some of the jobs that are available in this business,” he said.

“So that, with no other option, the private sector have had to come forward and have secured work through local employment agencies.

“This has put significant pressure on our state tourism department to do its utmost to ensure that that work is provided.”

But tourism board chairman Paul Hickey says the ban has had a “very negative impact” on the community.

“In a lot of the people who have used it, the experience was awful, that they’d been brought to these places by someone else,” he said.

“This was a place where they were already travelling without any support, they were not being given any support for their trips or their family visits, and that’s gone down.”

The ban, first introduced by the previous Victorian government, was also imposed on Australia Day and the National Day of Australia, which led to the suspension of private sponsored travel on three major holidays.

The ban has affected holidaymakers who had booked dates to fly to Australia and had to reschedule when the ba모나코 카지노n was lifted, but has only had a ripple effect so far on the wid인터넷카지노er tourism industry.

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