Thai pm survives no confidence vote

Thai pm survives no confidence vote

Thailand PM Prayuth Chan-ocha’s administration survived its own constitutional referendum, the first successful vote by a prime minister for his own government.

The result puts him in a unique position to make a full-throated defence of the country’s integrity and sovereignty – the cornerstone of the nation’s democratic constitution.

Prime minister Prayuth is to hold a televised election next month to replace retired former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is due to stand trial for graft, bribery and breach of trust in May.

Thaksin died on Tuesday when his plane hit a mountain, killing the opposition leader and the PM and sending Thailand into a fresh crisis.

PM Prayuth was criticised for failing to support Mr Shinawatra and others in a snap parliamentary vote that went against the wishes of his own People’s Democratic Reform Committee, which put forward the idea of holding new elections on the same day as the constitutional referendum.

But according to the official Thai news agency, an independent poll of party members had found that more than 95 per cent supported his resignation.

Thailand is one of several countries with elections held under the rule of military rule.

Thailand and neighbouring Laos and Myanmar both require the approval of a “confidence vote” after holding elections which failed, although the two have held elections since 2001.

Thailand’s parliamentary system means a ruling party can only lose up to 50 seats in a government, and that means opposition par카지노 사이트ties cannot form a government.

In the past, such votes have given T카지노 사이트hailand more control over its own political scene and helped the army in its military rule. But the military’s growing influence has not stopped it carrying out human rights abuses.

The Thai population is split into three principal communities. In the east, those considered to be “Tathak”, or “uncommon”, are concentrated in the north, but th바카라ere are also a lot of Thais in the north, from where a lot of “mainlanders” originate.

Thai Thais (Thak), an ethnic Thais tribe who are thought to be more patriotic, form the main minority in this area.

Image caption Thaksin Shinawatra’s supporters hold placards during a rally in Bangkok, on the same day as the referendum

A majority of the Thai electorate in the Thai capital, Bangkok, turned out for the referendum. It was held on the same day the country held a general election, after Prime Ministe