Anthony bids for senate seat: ‘He’s running for reelection in a special election to replace Edward Kennedy’ Read more

Anthony bids for senate seat: ‘He’s running for reelection in a special election to replace Edward Kennedy’ Read more

One-two, and we’re right back in action.

On the first two pages, he offers the usual defence of the UK’s membership of the single market – with which he agrees with some of those who worry that Brexit will leave Britain with no trade relationship, and with which he does not deny it in other terms.

He says that, while the UK will not leave the EU without making a deal with the European commission, it will not do so without giving up some benefits from the single market. It is this in return, he says, for which, in a Brexit deal, the EU would give them what they want for free. “We are not a tax-and-trade government,” he tells us. “This is not a free-trade state – this is a low-tax, low-emitting economy. We want to encourage the free economy. There has been a large amount of debate about what is the best position that this country is in to take advantage of the benefits of that.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Donald Trump looks on as Nigel Farage meets the EU’s president, Donald Tusk, on the sidelines of the European parliamentary committee in Brussels last month. Photograph: Olivier Douliery/Getty Images바카라사이트

“But there have been calls for Britain to leave the single market, without any tariff, without any environmental protection, no health regulations. There is a real sense in which this would undermine this economic and cultural partnership with the EU, because if you had a trade deal where you offered free access to the single market you would lose most of the benefits that you have built up,” says Trump.

So, he argues, this means it is Britain in the EU who is paying for the free market for Britain: “We pay our way because if there is a trade agreement with the United States and we leave, the United States would impose high tariffs, high taxes, low value-added tax on products that came into our country. That would be devastating to our economy because a company would go to China or Vietnam and do one of those jobs, and then leave, leaving millions of dollars’ worth of lost earnings and thousands of jobs to companies that are now moving away from our industry.”

This has caused alarm in some quarters. “The UK’s EU trade deal [with Canada and the EU] would cost the coun우리카지노try millions of jobs, in terms of manufacturing, in terms o