Building industry wants better protection for workers but doesn’t have one

Building industry wants better protection for workers but doesn’t have one

By Bill Van Auken

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other trade associations representing American business want tighter protections for workers.

In a joint letter to President Obama on Friday, the trade groups urge him to support legislation requiring companies to provide the same health and retirement benefits that other businesses already offer.

The Obama administration has been trying to protect workers’ health and rights by introducing new laws that protect workers’ ability to hold down higher-paying jobs wh부천출장마사지 부천출장샵ile they negotiate higher wages.

The White House also hasn’t been aggressive enough to try to fix outdated laws that limit the ability of companies to form unions or limit workers’ rights by requiring employer-based health benefits, workers’ right to form unions, and employer-provided retirement and health benefits.

In June, the Obama administration announced changes to the federal workers’ compensation system aimed at reducing the use of expensive medical bills. But those changes haven’t improved benefits for workers, and the law’s effects on businesses — the largest employers of workers in the보성출장샵 United States — are unclear.

Many labor experts say Congress must reform labor laws. But the trade groups say the U.S. needs a bigger overhaul.

“The President should support the passage of legislation to address this problem, which is causing substantial harm to our workers while also hurting the economy — an outcome that creates a drag on jobs and hurts the economy overall,” said Daniel Rovner, the deputy president for government affairs at the Chamber of Commerce.

Trade groups don’t want federal regulators to have a strong hands — their main tool in the fight. Many unions oppose any kind of law that forces companies to provide health benefits or to provide workers more protections. And they say it gives them a head start on companies to use lawsuits as an alternative to the courts.

The groups’ efforts are complicated by President Obama’s support for a national health-insurance program under his health-care law and its proposed increases in spending on슬롯 머신 health-care costs. Obama has said he’ll continue the existing system of state Medicaid plans for low-income people, which covers about 80 percent of the population, with some changes to provide less help.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Business, have been among the groups that oppose the federal government’s Medicaid expansion, saying it will increase government spending on doctors, hospitals and other costs. A 2014 analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Offic