Sheep burned in truck accident at bourkestown area

Sheep burned in truck accident at bourkestown area

The truck crash at about 11 a.m. Thursday involved two separate drivers, including a 20-year-old man who had been out watching the Steelers-Eagles game, and killed one of them when the truck rolled into a field where another sheep was trying to escape, police said.

Police said the woman on the front left side of the truck was walking on the left side of the road, and the woman on the back left side was heading north.

She said she was in the northbound lane as she slowed to avoid a police car blocking her left turn.

“I was crossing a white line across the middle lane of traffic and had a lot of confidence when I turned, and I think if I had been in front, there would have been nothing I could have done,” she said.

On the south side of the road, where the crash occurred, a man in a truck was killed and a woman in her 50s was taken to an area hospital, police said.

The truck was in the eastbound lane when it rolled over a small tree on a road that winds along the creek, said Officer Joe Garza, a detective with the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office.

He said a vehicle had just driven into the left side of the highway. There were no side effects in either case, he said.

The injured woman’s family, who were not at their home Friday, said they wanted to see a fire truck from the scene. They said the truck, which was not insured, had its windshield removed.

“We’ll have to see if anyone drives off to find out,” Garza said. “We’ll try and make it as a family day. …

“It just went wrong,” he said. “She’s like (expletive) burned in the engineXO 카지노.”

The truck was carrying several sheep when it veered off the side of the road and into a field between a farm and a trailer park, Garza said. The flock was going fo경주출장샵r a run when it rolled in.

In the end, the flock escape여주안마d. The sheep grazed the roadway to escape, police said.

Firefighters were on their way to the scene when the accident occurred. They will treat and put out the flames. They will likely stay there for at least the next day, Garza said.

Garza said the vehicle is not covered and it is too dark for an accident investigator. H