Break from nrl just the tonic for burgess & myself, we’ve been thru a lot

Break from nrl just the tonic for burgess & myself, we’ve been thru a lot. We’ve worked with alot of bad news in our lives, & i’ve lost alot of things to british soldiers but this is the one time we’ve taken back something i’ve fought for & worked hard on. I’m not gonna do it again until i get some more time & i am confident we’re going to recover & have a future together.

The day is here. Time to be real and say this is just the beginning. It’s just as simple as that. It was a small matter to stop the bleeding. And then i heard from many others. All of us in this city. All our friends & family. In all my years of serving & helping our fellow citizens, I have NOTHING in common with anyone we’ve fought for..even our own family members.

The people of NY are not going to stand idly by for another generation who want nothing but destruction. But as the saying goes…if you have to suffer, suffer until you have nothing else.

I have the most loving parents that will fight to the last beat until my death. I don’t have to take advantage of our situation just because i’m “different.” I don’t have to lie with anyone or use any kind of excuse to do something that’s wrong. We all have our reasons for fighting & we can ALL learn from them and do better things with our lives.

A word of caution: i haven’t had this many calls from you my 1st year. I’ve tried to speak to those that contacted me and talked about it and they all came back saying “yeah it’s me again but it just feels too hard.” So yes, i’m trying my hardest, but it might be the first time ever. If it works for you, good for you. It may not work for others but this isn’t what we do here. This isn’t how this works. W바카라사이트e were never born into this world or had to become this way for a living. But we will be. For you, for me, for all of this is going to be a learning curve and a hard start..and we’ll come out a better person from it. So go out there, fight, try to do it all on your own and be 바카라a part of this change. Your time in this world doesn’t com바카라사이트e once a day, but every time you step off your couch.

Thank you.

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