Unemployed to help with flood clean up

Unemployed to help with flood clean up

8:30 p.m.

Hikers on the trail near the Grand Canyon are preparing for possible more rain in the next few hours.

“It will start to rain some pretty good now,” Paul Withers said. “I saw a lot of people out back putting out firewoodjarvees.com, so it’s not like the trail is totally closed off.”

Withers said if you are planning on going out to hike at th바카라e Grand Canyon after 8 a.m. Tuesday, you may want to plan a change, as the trail is closed off.

The trail closes about 20 miles south of Canyon Road to the east, said Grand Canyon National Park spokesman Kevin Sorenson.

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Withers said you should be prepared to use a “safety net” when weather gets bad in the area. The park offers free trash cans and other services for people who need help, including those who have lost power and vehicles have flooded or damage, he said.

Sorenson did not immediately know what will happen next, and the Grand Cajarvees.comnyon National Park says anyone who wants help on the trails is asked to contact a ranger.

“They can be very helpful,” Withers said.