Ag report finds waste financial mismanagement of health it calls for mandatory reporting

Ag report finds waste financial mismanagement of health it calls for mandatory reporting

In a report published last month, an independent body has recommended mandatory financial reporting for all Canadian health care providers.

The Health Quality Council, a non-profit organization of clinicians, research partners and researchers, recommended that health care providers should be required to report on their actual financial health for each patient they treat.

The Council’s report also calls for mandatory reporting on financial mismanagement of health ser샌즈 카지노vices and its effect on patients.

In a press release issued last week, the Council said “health care providers must be held accountable for waste, fraud and abuse of the Canadian healthcare system.”

“The health care sector is one of the wealthiest in the world, but it’s not fair to Canadians when health care expenditures are rising with an increasing number of diseases and illnesses, leading to significant burden for taxpayers,” said the release. “The health care industry needs to be held accountable for its waste and corruption.”

Health Care Cost Containment Council report

The report recommends financial oversight, reporting of financial misconduct and sanctions for financial improprieties by health care providers.

Under the new proposals, healthcare providers that are convicted of a significant amount of fraud for a specific purpose may be fined up to a total of 25 per cent of their total income.슬롯 머신

However, the report also recommends the health care community should work together “to strengthen the financial monitoring, reporting and regulation of the health care sector.”

The Health Quality Council also recommends a five-point plan for addressing the need to increase financial oversight by health care providers and for the implementation of the Council’s recommendations by Health Canada.

“We believe that this report by the Health Quality Council should serve as a model for Canada at large in the area of financial management,” said Simon Grieve, President of the Health Quality Council.

The Health Quality Council is composed of eight experts, and their report was presented today at a meeting of the Canadian Medical Association by Simon T. Grieve, President of the Health Quality Council.

Dr. Michael B모바일 카지노rownell, Chief Executive of the Canadian Medical Association (CHAMBERS), presented the report on behalf of the organization.