Arsenal net away goal in 1 1 draw with chelsea

Arsenal net away goal in 1 1 draw with chelsea

• In fact, that first goal was the only truly spectacular one of Arsene Wenger’s reign

Arsenal’s first two league games against Liverpool were away a서산안마gainst the Reds and Everton respectively. They did this without any sign of confidence among their fans, even against a vastly more experienced Liverpool squad. After just three games, they had scored 14 goals in 17 matches and this was after conceding 34 goals the previous season.

This season’s campaign has not gone far either. In the last six matches of the campaign, Arsenal are now unbeaten in their last six home league meetings and are yet to concede a goal in the first three games of the골목ir first 20-match trip to Burnley and Southampton this summer.

Arsenal have a perfect record with three draws at this stage of the season, but, like every coach, Wenger is acutely aware that no-one’s happy if they are losing in the final stages. When Chelsea are winning in the Premier League, their record shows it was just too close for comfort. But if Arsenal have been on the losing side this season, they can count themselves lucky, as they would be able to count themselves unlucky if they lost to Chelsea at home and their second home game was in the Championship.

One way to understand these numbers would be to see it from a percentage basis. If Arsenal were on course for four home matches, they would have conceded 18 times in those matches and a very significant 12 times more than what they have managed through 14 home matches so far this campaign. This is an ama모바일 카지노zing run for the club that began only seven months ago and has had some very unusual statistics since then, most notably the lowest goal difference between home and away.

The best way to judge Arsenal’s position against Chelsea and the rest of Europe is to look at how much of a statistical outlier they can be when compared against a side that has a higher Premier League goal difference. In 2012/13, Arsenal and United scored the same number of goals in the home league at the same time and their respective home and away win percentages were 1.6 and 1.2, respectively. In the last six home fixtures of last season, Arsenal and Chelsea have hit the same goals ratio by more than a percentage point. This was almost two goals per win. Arsenal have been on a mission to score, which can only increase their chances of winning at home against Chelsea, and United were already beaten on goal difference with the same goal difference and only three away away games still left. That’s enough t