New refuge offers hope for domestic violence survivors

New refuge offers hope for domestic violence survivors

Updated: 12:25 p.m. | Sunday, April 19, 2009

DALLAS – A man who claimed he was trapped and assaulted by a SWAT team in downtown Dallas Sunday morning was finally released Tuesday afternoon.

Police say they responded to reports of shots fired at about 2:50 a.m., and one victim was taken to a hospital where he was later treated for “multiple gunshot wounds,” but he is exp바카라ected to survive.

Sgt. Phil Turner, who lives nearby and heard the shooting from his backyard, says that’s pretty typical of where he lives.

“Someplace in the middle of nowhere. It’s a pretty bad neighborhood,” said Turner. “Everybody’s been in a lot of trouble.”

Officials at the city’s jail say the man who was killed wasn’t on administrative leave from the Dallas Police Department, and was only on leave to participate in a court hearing.

There were no suspects, and no charges were filed.

In January, 21-year-old Travon Bostic was shot while riding his bike near Interstate 20 and North Texas Avenue in northwest Dallas. Bostic sustained non life-threatening wounds, an바카라d detectives are looking for witnesses to the incident to help solve the crime.

Police say Bostic lived with some friends, but had changed his name and residence. They say investigators do not believe there was any relationship between the man and Bostic’s killer.

The suspect’s name was not released by Dallas County investigators because his death remains under investigation.

On Monday, Dallas County Judge John Conley issued an order for two men accused i더킹카지노n the man’s slaying to be placed on 24-hour supervision, and a judge issued a similar order for another man they say is related to Bostic.

Bostic was one of three men shot and killed by SWAT officers early Sunday morning, leaving behind two young children, who were all hurt.

Police say officers arrived on scene when an officer spotted the suspect trying to flee from them, with one of the bullets striking his legs. The officer shot the suspect multiple times before he was taken into custody by police in his SUV.

The other man was shot in the buttocks and was transported to an area hospital. The suspect’s name was not released because he is suspected in the man’s killing, but Turner says the victim lives next door to the suspect. Turner says his son told him about how he was robbed of his wallet and gun Sunday mornin