Calls for government to ‘come clean’ on payout to phillip iambi

Calls for government to ‘come clean’ on payout to phillip iambi


The government will be forced to disclose the cost of a $5 million compensation payout to a Vietnamese man who was allegedly subjected to discrimination, after the Federal Court found a judge erred by not seeking the information.

Kuan Pham and his wife, Phan Thi Hao, capronxlaim their doctor was repeatedly sacked, called racists, racially vilified them and blamed them for the death of their two children.

They have been suing the government after they claim they were repeatedly bullied by their doctor, a decision that has prompted hundreds of calls for action from politicians across the country and international organisations.

The two men have said they have been subjected to a “culture of fear” and intimidation as they struggle to gain information about an “environment of suspicion”, and have claimed they were subjected to the “worst kind of discrimination and harassment”.

The High Court on Wednesday rejected their application to reveal the full cost of the payout to “establish whether the award would have the desired effect”.

카지노 사이트The ruling found the compensation award was inappropriate for a case “in which the doctor made a serious allegation about the character of the doctor in question”.

Justice Michael Doherty awarded compensation of almost $200,000 to Mr Pham and his wife, and ordered the government to reveal all details about the decision.

“[The government] must have the full details on when it made the decision and under what conditions and the amount it paid,” Justice Doherty said.

The $5 million awarded in 2014 by the Federal Court was paid to Mr Pham’s then-doctor.

That award was reduced to about $400,000 in the Federal Cour우리카지노t of Appeal and appealed to the Supreme Court.

A spokesman for Justice Doherty said the decision was important not just for Mr Pham, but also to all victims of discrimination.

“The decision is also of vital significance for anyone who has been discriminated against, or has suffered retaliation, and the award can also be used to hold anyone who may have breached a privacy or confidentiality agreement liable,” the spokesman said.

Mr Pham, a retired engineer from Penrith, had been working as a nurse when he was told he was out of work due to being married to Mrs Phan Thi Hao.

The couple lived in a mobile home at the time they claimed the doctor had sacked them, according to the High Court ruling.

But lawyers for the Phams say the family clai