Irrigators get dam removal water relief if a water main breaks and goes deep into the ground

Irrigators get dam removal water relief if a water main breaks and goes deep into the ground. They then have to repair a hole.

A dam break at the Nellis River on August 8,슬롯 머신 2013.

Photo: AP

A river crossing from one lane of Nellis Road toward Nellis and San Bernardino roads is blocked by flooded water.

“I don’t feel this way from a traffic perspective at this point,” said John Bier, a San Bernardino County supervisor who represents nearby Nellis Road. “The river will probably never fully close if we don’t put more effort into the dam and put out the other water.”

Nellis Road is about seven feet wide and has been flooded several times over the past five or six years. Water that fell into the road in the weeks before the July 31 incident pushed it back into deep water.

The latest dam break happened when an automatic water main broke, and at카지노 게임 least eight homes were impacted.

Bier, who called the situation a “massive issue,” said the water must be removed now to avoid a future flood.

“I don’t l솔레어 카지노ike to be the guy saying, ‘I’m on the wrong side of it,’ ” Bier said. “That would be premature. This is one more sign that people are living in fear.”

The water broke about a half-mile north of a former auto repair shop with an underground gas pump that had no lines to reach it and is near the Nellis River.

Nellis Road is the main artery running through central and western portions of the San Bernardino valley and is used for hundreds of thousands of vehicles and pedestrians.

The town’s mayor, the city of Nellis, a county office building, an elementary school and the University of California Davis Medical Center all lost water infrastructure, the city spokesman said.

Nellis officials are building a two-lane bridge over the river that will allow a portion of the road to pass by the damaged canal. But when that work is completed, officials expect to have their entire street flooded because the canal was built so well, the mayor said.

The town has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade streets, pay for other repairs and add new curbside service and other resources. Nellis will be one of dozens throughout the region and beyond that can do the same, Mayor Gary Aiken said in an April email to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.