Cowdrey leek finish with world records

Cowdrey leek finish with world records

Bodleian, who works as a consultant, said: ‘Bodleian did an outstanding job for the local community and the community’s heritage by setting the world record for the number of leek stems to be used in one dish. ‘It had the added bonus of serving a delicacy to many people who live in the area.’

The chef said that the most recent Guinness Book of World Records was’very impressive’, adding: ‘To find out they had a leek sauce in a world record was an unbelievable achievement, and I think that the best part of me wished I could go back and cook the s카지노 게임auce when it was the hottest I had ever tasted it.’

He said that he would love to run the local record for Guinness and would like to serve this in another one of his restaurants.

Mr McEneaney, of the Edinburgh restaurant, said: ‘I have been trying to keep up with Bodleian’s achievements since the first Leek and Cauliflower from Scotland was published, when the then First Minister, Alex Salmond, went to see our first presentation at this year’s world record.

‘I was delighted to find his Leek and Cauliflower recipe was the world record and I was inspired by his recipe. The recipe ha김천출장마사지s been making the rounds in my local newspaper, and some people think it is fantastic.

‘If you go to the website you can see a screen print on their front page and I have also received some very nice letters from friends who had been cooking for Bodleian. There is a world record there and I am very grateful for the challenge of getting the record set – and I cannot wait to share the record with the rest바카라 사이트 of the world.’

He has been serving his unique recipe for centuries and was inspired by a couple he served on a traditional feast before the launch of his local restaurants in Aberdeen and Edinburgh in 2010.