Hurricane anger fades as aussies return home from hurricane season

Hurricane anger fades as aussies return home from hurricane season

A US National Hurricane Center storm alert was issued for parts of North Carolina, which saw the strongest tropical storm to strike North Carolina since 2012.

The warning said: “We will continue to monitor the threat from Harvey and Irma as a tropical cyclone approaching near or over the state, but the possibility that this may be a season-like low does not present itself until it becomes a hurricane.”

“As the storm approaches and the temperature starts to rise, the risks of flash flooding are increased and flash surge flooding will also be severe. As conditions progress along the storm’s path, it is likely that these risk elements will intensify as Harvey approaches,” the forecaster said.

바카라At the same time, the risk of flooding from a severe storm surge will diminish as Harvey approaches, but there is no guarantee that this occurs by the time landfall is imminent.”

The storm has already claimed several lives in Texas, bringing the state to the brink of a full-blown disaster.

Authorities are warning residents to brace for a massive flood.

In addition, officials say there are serious impacts to the lives of at least 10,000 people in the Texas Gulf Coast region and the area around Puerto Rico as a result of the storm.

The US coast was hit by hurricane Hurricane Harvey on August 26 (file photo)

The storm made landfall in Texas and forced the closure of key levees.

The area was expected to receive up to더킹카지노 four feet of rain, according to US storm gauges.

A tropical storm warning was lifted for portions of Houston, and an inland area has been declared a hurricane in a further warning.

Hurricane Harvey also left more than 1m stranded in the state of Louisiana.

It brought the highest levels of rainfall on record for the state, with 8.5mm in Galveston alone, as well 바카라사이트as over-burdened waterways.

The National Hurricane Center is warning people to prepare for life-threatening flooding in Louisiana, as the storm heads toward Texas and southern Florida.

“As expected, Harvey is moving toward Texas. The storm is moving at an alarming rate,” the US tropical weather centre wrote on Friday.

“Most areas of Texas remain vulnerable to flooding due to strong pressure and high winds, with the most immediate risk being the high altitudes of the Brazos and Galveston rivers that feed into the Gulf of Mexico, and the Texas Panhandle and the Caddo Paris