Grain grower wants state government to pay increased freight rate Copyright by WCMH – All rights reserved Video

Grain grower wants state government to pay increased freight rate Copyright by WCMH – All rights reserved Video

MINDENBURG, Pa. (WCMH) — While there is no change in the state’s proposed farm plan, a grain grower wants state gover태국 마사지nment to pay increased freight rates, and that’s exactly what’s coming down the pike.

Forget the “honeycomb.” With the addition of more farmers in the city, and a growing demand for meat for local restaurants, this area of the state is poised for new growth.

“The change will allow people that need meat and food here in Mindenburg to buy it, and those that need beef바카라사이트 for local restaurants will get it from the state and have it shipped to them,” says Jeff Holston of Holston Grain Co. “It’s going to be a welcome change from the current state of affairs, where the farmers have to make that leap from seedlings to actual finished product in order to get what they need for distribution.”

On Tuesday, state officials will hear arguments in front of the state board on agriculture and business.

But some farmers are still worried about the proposed increase, and they have a message for Gov. Tom Corbett: “Get in line or get out!”

“I would be happy to see it changed,” said Jim Rheen, executive director of the Pennsylvania Pork Council. “It’s a change that’s coming, but it is a change that is a gradual one. We’ve already made some changes to our system, and it’s going to require people to adjust as they move forward.”

Holland Grain Co. is one farmer who does, having built a production line out of s모바일카지노tate property.

In an effort to increase production, the company hired Holston’s employee.

“They’ve got the right person, which is why we’re in business. We’ve been there 10 years, we know it all,” said Rheen. “We’re trying to go out and get it.”

But Holston says a growing grain industry demands more.

“When it comes to grain production, we need to get more people here, and we’re not going to build the infrastructure just to get people to come here,” he said. “We’re just trying to help grow and develop the industry here, so our employees and associates are ready.”

Bieber paternity test results

Bieber paternity test results

The doctor said she received test results from an in-person examination this past Friday, and was told the test results came back that he was not in the state of Florida but was the father of their daughter, who was born last year.

The report also said the results indicated that Bieber waapronxs not carrying on the father’s estate.

The man, who is believed to be in the 25-year-old’s hometown of Miami Beach, has not been arrested, as of Tuesday afternoon.

The state attorney’s office was trying to obtain a marriage license after the county probate judge refused to grant it.

The depa바카라rtment’s news release Thursday said it had no prior knowledge of the tests coming back that a father wasn’t related. It said it is trying to 더킹카지노gather additional information from county and city agencies.

The department added there was no indication the tests were used for anything other than identifying the alleged father and his child.