Tinder for bandicoots new marsupial breeding program

Tinder for bandicoots new marsupial breeding program. (Photo: Getty Images)

Wesley, Texas – The state of Texas could soon join South Carolina and Texas in banning the breeding of exotic marsupials by licensed gun owners after being approached by activists who are trying to stop a program aimed at bringing the marsupials back.

State Representative Chris Taylor wants to put an initiative on the November ballot that would allow the animals to breed in Texas before the state passes a bill to ban the practice.

“It’s a national problem, you know, like I say, one that바카라 게임 we’ve got to get our gun control laws figured out,” Taylor said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “This guy is bringing in the animals which will hurt our state, and, you know, all our wildlife managers, hunters, and other folks.”

The State Wildlife Resources Council, the largest conservation group in Texas, issued a response on Monday that criticized Taylor’s proposal for “creating a loophole.”

The group said Taylor’s bill is unlikely to succeed.

“The (State) Wildlife Resources Council (WRC) does not support legislation that would allow individuals to purchase, or license and distribute exotic animal species,” the group stated in a response. “The p예스 카지노urpose of wildlife sales to individuals who possess licenses or licenses would fall squarely within the laws of the state.”

The Texas Wildlife Law states that hunting or trap샌즈 카지노ping in Texas carries a $200 fine and 30 days in jail. Under a recent bill, the penalty is $10,000 with the fines reduced to $50 a day or $1,000 with one daily fine, depending on whether the person’s primary interest is hunting or trapping animals.

It said the bill also exempts a primary interest, like hunting, for people who are the sole owners of a home where they want to breed the animals and care for them for up to two years, but are otherwise not allowed to do so by law.

In the United States, at least 200 exotic-animal breeding programs exist.

According to Texas Department of State Health Services, up to 15 species of the species listed above are bred for pet stores and pet stores only. They include the exotic blue fox, and black bears, and black panthers and mountain lions.

Taylor said he is interested in getting the bill on the November ballot, but has not been contacted by anyone at the WRC or the state government to have it approved.

“I think we should be fighting against these kind of programs becaus